Day of Action – Barclays Stop Investing In Genocide 

Day of action to close Barclays account for its investment in genocide and the ongoing crimes of Israeli settler-colonialism!

The Palestinians in Gaza have been subjected to more than three months of genocide, during which we were witnesses to the continuous atrocities that are leaving people dead, unsafe, detained, brutalised, cold and hungry. The Israeli regime has managed to escalate a 75-years-old brutal settler-colonial regime right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Israel does not operate alone. It has a wider web of establishment and companies operating for its benefit and prolonging its systematic violence against Palestinians.

These bloodthirsty profiteers of extermination are operating right here on our doorstep, one being Barclays Bank which has ignored years of activism against its over 1 billion £ investment in weapons manufacturers allowing the murder of Palestinians, including investments in the deadly Elbit Systems, BAE Systems and many others with a track record of supplying the Israeli military with equipment needed to turn an entire population into a testing ground for weapons, and to erase it off the face of the earth.

Now it’s time to escalate and raise our fight to a new level. These funds come from the clients of Barclays, turning any one of them into to an accomplice. If you don’t wish to be complicit in war crimes you must close down your Barclays account now! Do it for the sake of humanity and justice, and to stand on the right side of history.

Join the protests on the national day of action against Barclays in Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Blackburn, Bolton, Huddersfield, Stockport, Bradford, Altrincham and Preston on Monday 15 January 2023 at 13:00 pm, and take a vow to keep solidarity going and to never fail the Palestinians in their struggle for justice and liberation.