From Nakba To Naksa To Genocide All out this Saturday 8th June

All out this Saturday 8th June in another show of solidarity with Palestinians as they call for a Palestine free from Zionist brutality.

Meeting at 12pm, St Peter’s Square

The abhorrent scenes we have been watching emerge from Gaza since October 2023 do not exist in a vacuum. Palestinians in Gaza are not dying of their own accord. There is a clear cause of their suffering and a clear aim from those inflicting it. The Zionist regime’s onslaught of Palestinians over the last 8 months is underpinned by decades of oppression across Occupied Palestine. There is no doubt that Israel only has one aim; to destroy Palestine and Palestinians alike.

As we know, 15th May 2024 marked 76 years since the Nakba (meaning ‘the catastrophe’) which saw approximately 750,000 to 1 million Palestinians violently cast out of their homeland in a mass exodus perpetrated by Zionist forces. Since, Palestinians have been subjected to relentless massacres, ethnic cleansing, brutal dispossession, torture and imprisonment.

Step by step, the settler-colonial project has expanded upon and eradicated as much Palestinian land and its indigenous Palestinian inhabitants as possible. Between 5th-10th June 1967, the Zionist regime consolidated its control of the land following the Nakba by way of the “Naksa” (literally translating to “setback”).

Over the course of 6 days, Israel seized what was left of Palestinian land, including the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Thus emerged the colonial settlement enterprise within these areas and the construction of settlements across them. To this day, Israel uses such settlements to forcibly impose discriminatory ethnocratic laws and policies which permit Israeli settlers to thieve Palestinian land, as well as terrorise, brutalise and murder Palestinians with no repercussions.

The impunity with which the Zionist entity has furthered its colonial grip on Palestine over the last century is what has emboldened them to commit the current grave atrocities, ethnic cleansing and genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, and which have been ongoing since October 2023 until now.

We, in Britain, cannot afford to be silent whilst the British government has unashamedly empowered the Zionist regime for over 100 years. We must not rest until every tie to the settler-colonial entity has been severed once snd for all. We will not cease until Palestine is free, from the river to the sea.

12pm Saturday 8th June. St Peter’s Square.