Greater Manchester Stop G4S Campaign Petition Launched

On Wednesday 10th September  Greater Manchester Stop G4S Campaign  launched a petition at the Mechanics Institute  calling for Manchester City council to end future contracting with G4S.G4S provides security systems to Israeli prisons and detention centres where Palestinians, including children, are detained and tortured after being illegally transferred from the occupied territories, breaking the 4th Geneva Convention.

  • Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan man who died duration deportation, was found by the Coroner to have been “unlawfully killed” due to being “restrained” by 3 G4S Guards.
  • G4S was found to have charged public funds for electronically tagging ….. dead people (and has had to repay the money).

Despite this, Manchester Council hands G4S contracts for services including security for the town hall, art galleries, parks, libraries, cash collection and parking meter services.

And the Labour Party Conference in Manchester (20-24 September) is also using G4S for their “security”  yet again.

The petition calls on Manchester City Council to:

1) Stop contracting in future with G4S, a security company alleged to be involved in human rights abuses against Palestinians and UK migrants and people seeking asylum.

2) Introduce an ethical commissioning and procurement policy excluding any company with a record of:

a) Breaches of human rights

b) Anti-trade union practices or

c) Tax avoidance and fraud.

The petition is sponsored by Greater Manchester Unite Community Branch. It is supported by GM Stop G4S Campaign; Manchester Trades Union Council; Unite Greater Manchester Social Action Branch; Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Manchester Palestine Action; GM&D CND; Campaign Against Depleted Uranium; GM Stop the War; GM Immigration Aid Unit; Women Asylum Seekers Together; Manchester Migrant Solidarity; African Rainbow Family; Access to Advice; Manchester Green Party; Stop TTIP Manchester.

More details of the CONFERENCE from Norma, Co-ordinator of the Stop G4S Campaign on 07903 668500 or John C, Branch Secretary of Greater Manchester Community Branch of Unite the Union – on 07910848935.