Join Greater Manchester Stop G4S lobby of Labour Conference

Join Greater Manchester Stop G4S Campaign as we lobby the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, because they are (again) using G4S.

Conference delegates will be lobbied on the opening day of the conference, Sunday 21st September, from 10am when doors open. The main national lobby will be from 12-2pm. Hope to see you all there!

G4S commits fraud & human rights abuses around the world from here in the UK to South Africa, Iraq, Australia and Israel/Palestine. Here are just a few examples:

  • G4S provides security systems to Israeli prisons and detention centres where Palestinians, including children, are detained and tortured after being illegally transferred from the occupied territories, breaking the 4th Geneva Convention.
  • Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan man who died duration deportation, was found by the Coroner to have been “unlawfully killed” due to being “restrained” by 3 G4S Guards.
  •  G4S was found to have charged public funds for electronically tagging dead people.
  • The Group4 Training officer who fatally restrained Gareth Myatt, a 40 kg boy, in a UK detention centre, was promoted to Health and Safety Manager G4S Children’s Services.
  • Both the Australian and South African Governments removed contracts from G4S for running detention centres and prisons following international scandals (including the death of Reza Berati). In both countries G4S guards were implicated in physical abuse of detainees.
  • A G4S guard was jailed for life in Scotland for murdering a conference delegate.
  • A guard who murdered two colleagues in Iraq had not been properly vetted by G4S, who had been warned, prior to his deployment to Iraq, about the danger he posed.

In the wake of the G4S Olympics fiasco in July 2012, Ed Miliband called for the security giant to be blocked from getting new government contracts until there has been a review of its “ability to deliver.” “We do need to take stock and learn the lessons. We can’t shut our eyes to what is happening with G4S,” the Labour leader said in a speech. “The G4S scandal shows the danger of private firms that are too big to fail,” he added.

Despite this, the Labour Party has (yet again) hired G4S, to provide security for this autumn’s Labour party conference in Manchester (20th – 24th September 2014). Back in 2012 Ed Miliband said, “We need to take stock and learn the lessons.” It’s time the Labour Party stopped using G4S to provide security for their conferences.

Join us at our national lobby on Sunday 21st September 2014 to say “No to G4S at the Labour Conference”.

Greater Manchester Stop G4S Campaign.