Hands Off Gaza – Demonstration & March

All out this Saturday 12pm at Whitworth Park, Oxford Rd, M14 4PW. Mobilise everyone and do whatever you can in the meantime to end Israel’s genocide in Gaza that is now on its 38th day and getting harsher.

The massacred bodies have no space to be buried and are decomposing in front of hospitals as they face continued bombing. Those that aren’t killed from airstrikes are dying from starvation or lack of proper care with fuel and equipment still being banned from entering.

The images of the displaced leaving their homes remind us of the images we know of the Nakba in 1948, and further expose the Zionist ideology and practice of ethnic cleansing, which has been its objective for decades. Those that remained in their homes are facing the Israeli murder machine with little coverage and with the complicity and total abandonment of the so-called “humanitarian” institutions and Western governments who champion “human rights”.

Palestinians in the West Bank are also facing heightened assaults from the army and settlers, with brutal raids and arrests and shooting people being the daily routine. Yesterday, another prisoner was killed inside prison due to continued torture, raising the number of prisoners killed to 5 since 07 October.

These daily atrocities are not hidden from anyone. Still the imperialist and racist British establishment is doing what it does best, and is still offering its unconditional support to Israel and suppressing pro-Palestinian voices in Britain. But millions of people all across the globe have risen, to show that Palestinians are not numbers and won’t be dehumanised. The people have risen to demand: end the genocide on Gaza, end all complicity and free Palestine!

We will keep going, filling the streets with our free spirits and thirst for justice, chanting for Palestine and its people and supporting their struggle for liberation. And we will keep fighting every entity operating on our streets for the benefit of Israeli settler-colonialism!

Join the demonstration on Saturday 18 November at 12:00. Meeting at Whitworth Park, Oxford Road, M14 4PW