Stop Bombing Gaza – Ceasefire Now

Over 11,000 Palestinian murdered, thousands missing, nearly half are children. Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa hospital invaded.  

No water, no electricity, no medicine, no fuel and the Government is silent.

The people of Oldham will not remain silent, when Gaza is wiped off the map. We will not remain silent, when Genocide is taking place. 

Ministers are debating and will vote, whether if they should ask Israel for an immediate ceasefire. We will watch closely who speaks up and who remains silent.  

Every Oldham councillor and every Oldham Minister of Parliament, who doesn’t demand an immediate ceasefire is complicit.   

We need to end all British complicity until all Palestinians are treated as equals, an end to the illegal occupation, the end to the siege of Gaza and an end to israeli Apartheid.

Oldham Peace and Justice at King St Roundabout. We will be there again next week 22/11/23 at 4.30pm – 5.30pm.