Join the School Strike for Palestine on Friday! Rally at 10am at St. Peter’s Square in Manchester to demand an immediate end to the assault on Gaza!

Organised by concerned parents and pupils in Manchester in response to the atrocities that are currently happening in Palestine. *Spread the message and share *with parents, friends, family, & anyone else!

Parents: please see the template letter below to submit to your child’s school if participating. Our understanding is that, whilst this would count as an unauthorised absence, a child can have up to four days in a row unauthorised absence and would need 10 in a short amount of time to be fined.

Too many schools across Britain, especially in Greater Manchester, have censored and punished their students for supporting the Palestinians at a time when Gaza is subject to a genocidal attack by Israel.

There can be no normal life while Gaza is being annihilated. Only disruption can make those in power listen!

We demand that the UK Government withdraw its support for Israel war crimes, an immediate end to arms sales to Israel and an immediate ceasefire!