Join the Shenstone Shut Down

 We have the power to #ShutElbitDown

 For decades, the government has granted licences to Elbit Systems to export weapons from Shenstone to the Israeli military. Elbit provides 85% of Israel’s military drone fleet.

 Palestine Action has forced four UK companies to cut ties with Israeli Arms firm Elbit Systems in the past 3 months. Amidst a genocide, every avenue must be taken in order to isolate, damage and disrupt Israel’s war machine.

 The ongoing use of British-made drones cannot continue. An Israeli drone opened fire at a school near Al Awda, east of Khan Yunis in February 2024. It was also reported Isareli drones were used to murder civilians at the “flour massacre”. Palestinian children are being murdered daily with drones made on British soil.

Join us to demand that the UK #StopArmingIsrael because we won’t stop until we #ShutElbitDown

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