Urgent Call to Action Tomorrow Wednesday 12:30pm

Wednesday 13/03 at 12:30pm Barclays is holding an ‘interview skills workshop’, recruiting young Manchester talent to their genocide enabling corporation. Barclays invest over £1 billion in Israeli weapons companies, including Elbit Systems who produce over 85% of Israel’s killer drones. These blood profiteers should have no space in our city and in our communities.

We’re mobilising at 12:30pm outside the corporate offices hosting the Barclays recruiters at 4 Piccadilly Place, M1 3BN

Join us and let us make it clear that we will not allow money to continue to be funnelled into the Zionist project, and used to decimate and slaughter Palestinian lives. Students of Manchester should not be manipulated to work with this war-profiteers while they are enabling the ongoing genocide that has killed over 30,000 Palestinian, including thousands of university and school students who had hopes and dreams for their futures!

We cannot allow Genocide-enablers to recruit students under the gist of a prosperous future, whilst they are ending Gazan’s futures every single day!