Palestinians from Gaza give talks about their situations in Gaza

Palestinians from Gaza led the march in Manchester, holding photos of their lost loved ones, demanding an immediate ceasefire and justice for their families and friends, some of the 26000 that Israel has murdered this past 3 and half months.

They went on to give talks about their situations in Gaza to over 200 people at the Mechanics Institute.

Speakers included Dalloul Al-Neder who lost his family in Gaza and on Thursday in Stockport marched bravely in to a Labour Party fundraiser to challenge them on not calling for a ceasefire. Along with other activists they spoke the truth to power, reaching at least 4 million people on all social media:

Dalloul Al-Neder is a Manchester-based Palestinian and teacher from Jabaliya in Gaza. In early December he lost 5 members of his family including his 56 year old mother, his brother, his brother’s pregnant wife and their two children. Since his appalling loss, Dalloul has had to close his Manchester business. He is now focused on telling the story of his family and exposing the situation across the rest of Gaza.

Also Dr Mona El-Farra is the Gaza Director of Middle East Children’s Alliance and has been a major community and women’s organiser in Gaza for decades. She was also a Doctor at Al Awda Hospital that she helped found. She and her son Mohammed Ghalayini were both in Gaza during the beginning of the bombing.

Mohammed Ghalayini, a Gaza scientist based in Manchester, stayed in Gaza when he could have been evacuated and reported out from Gaza for the next 2 months. His voice reached many mainstream media outlets who interviewed him while he was surrounded by the bombing. He was regularly having to uproot and move locations with other family members as more Israeli attacks closed in.

The talks started when the march arrived at 2pm at the Manchester Mechanics Institute, where powerful testimonies were given.