Stop the Gaza Genocide. Stop Zionism

Demonstration on Saturday 03 February, 12:00pm, Piccadilly Gardens.

The genocide reaches day 115. Who isn’t killed is missing, or detained, or starved, or found homeless on the streets under the rain. Gaza is being erased, and this is not an exaggeration.

This crime can only be committed by genocidal minds with expertise in murder and ethnic cleansing, and an ability to escalate this violence at any moment. This is why we must always name the culprit: Zionism, a racist settler-colonial ideology of elimination. Zionism means genocide, and it is time to uproot it, for the sake of Palestine and the world.

This is why we must fight Zionism in all its manifestations, whether on our streets or schools, or in every corner where its merchants and supporters are operating, and no matter in which form they come. We must not keep promising the bare minimum, we must be relentless and we must triumph.

Join us on Saturday, 12:00pm, at Piccadilly Gardens, to raise our voices for Gaza and for Palestine, and against the criminal Zionist regime and those that protect it. Let’s fight alongside Palestinians to crush it brick by brick and wall by wall.