Protest For Palestine!

Join the student-led protest on Wednesday 25th October at 12pm at the Whitworth Hall Arch, on University of Manchester campus.

All out to reject the University of Manchester’s complicity in the current genocide in Gaza. The Israeli occupation is relentlessly bombing Gaza killing over 4600 Palestinians, we have all witnessed the horrific scenes and videos being shared by Palestinians as they stay at home and fight for their life and free existence. We must not allow our university to be complicit and sponsor Israeli Apartheid in our name.

Nanene, a graphene-based material developed by Manchester researchers, which has used in aircraft production, is being purchased by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). IAI produced missiles, drones, and various weapons used by Israel to mass murder, ethnically cleanse, colonise, and destroy Palestinian lives.

We must demand that the University and its National Graphene Institute, cut all ties and research programs with Israel and its blood thirsty arms trade.

Stop Bombing Gaza!
End Graphene Warfare!
Free Palestine!

Supported by:
Youth Front for Palestine
Manchester Leftist Action
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Manchester Palestine Action
United 4 Palestine
Palestine Community Association North West
Manchester Youth For Palestine
Palestinian Forum
Muslim Association of Britain
Palestinian Community Group
Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine
Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition
Greater Manchester CND
People for Palestine
Jewish Voice For Labour
Oldham Peace and Justice

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