Seasonal Songs and Stall against Britain’s Arms Trade with Israel

Special Seasonal songs for Ferranti/Elbit on Saturday 17th December from 12-2pm outside Spindles.

On Saturday 17th December from 12-2pm outside Spindles the Campaign will have another stall.  We will also have protest songs against the Arms Trade with sung to seasonal melodies. The campaign is planning further activities including a public meeting in the New Year date and details to be announced.For more information contact ferrantistoparmingisrael at or call Sandy on 07594596905.

Stop Arming Israel is supported by Manchester PSC, Manchester Palestine Action, Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine, the Campaign Against The Arms Trade and Manchester & District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament .

Background on the Stop Arming Israel Campaign in Oldham

The Oldham based ‘Stop Arming Israel’ campaign is going from strength to strength. Starting with a demonstration outside Ferranti/Elbit factory  in September, since then  there are have been four stalls in Oldham town centre.

Elbit is Israeli’s largest arms manufacturer and owns four factories in the UK manufacturing components and software for its weapons and oppressive technologies. Ferranti Oldham manufactures electronics and software for all types of military vehicles.

The campaign supports the call for a two way arms embargo on Israel, is aimed at Oldham’s Ferranti Technologies, which is now owned by Israel’s largest arms manufacturer Elbit Systems. Local people who have been massively supportive of the campaign have been surprised and upset to discover that they have an arms factory on their doorstep.

Stall in Oldham Town Centre
Stall in Oldham Town Centre

The campaign has three aims:

A call to stop arming Israel because of Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestine. These abuses are many, the occupation of the West Bank, the attacks on Gaza, the stealing of Palestinian land, the restrictions on movement by checkpoints and the Wall, the house demolitions, the imprisonment without trial and many more.
Welfare not warfare The end to the huge spending and subsidies on the arms trade at a time when vital local services are being cut. We want spending on the NHS and homes and apprenticeships not bombs and armaments.
Protection of local jobs by supporting a ‘Green jobs’ not bombs policy.

17th Dec 2016 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Outside Spindels Centre, George St, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL1 1HD