Report on Protest Outside Ferranti | Elbit Dec 17th

As part of the national day of action against the arms trade with Israel on Dec 19th a group of us went up to Ferranti | Elbit in Oldham.

In freezing weather in pitch darkness we arrived at 7am with nicely worded banners, leaflets , and the pictures of the fallen in Gaza . First problem was there were no workers whatsoever,  only the occasional van arriving.  We went to the front entrance to hand in a letter explaining our protest, but they had clearly got wind of our protest as all the doors were immediately locked. We held a vigil outside the locked front entrance.

whats-happened-to-ferrantiWe then moved to the rear entrance to continue our protest. Interestingly if you compare photos of the last time we were there with this time we can see that the factory has removed all the big “Ferranti” signs from the roof and sign at the car park.

Adie Mordech for Manchester Palestine Action