Stop Arming Israel – Arrest The War Criminals

Join us this Saturday 1st June in support of Palestine, to denounce the abhorrent atrocities committed against Palestinians by the so-called State of Israel, and to call for a permanent cessation of the bombardment of Gaza! Meeting at Piccadilly Gardens – 12pm

Palestinians in Gaza over the last 8 months have been forced to endure the unfathomable. Witnessing the decimation and suffering of Palestinians in Rafah over the last 72 hours is a stark and brutal reminder of the sheer malicious power of the Zionist regime.

People are being eviscerated, burned alive, beheaded, orphaned, denied the liberty to mourn one loved one before another is ripped away. The air of grief and pain and anguish lingers above and within every crevice of Gaza.

Last week, Karim Khan, the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (‘ICC’), announced that he is seeking a warrant for the arrest of Israel’s “Prime Minister” Benjamin Netanyahu and “Defense Minister” Yoav Gallant for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Advocates for Palestinian liberation know suspicion and investigation will only confirm what we have known as fact for decades – that the so-called Zionist State and its leaders are fundamentally and unequivocally genocidal and racist; with their sole focus being, and having always been, on the eradication of Palestine and Palestinians alike.

From the ICJ’s recognition of South Africa’s case against the Zionist regime, to the official recognition of Palestine by Ireland, Norway and Spain, and now the ICC call for arrest warrants, the tide is certainly changing. However, we cannot let Palestinians drown in the wave of settler-colonial chaos perpetrated by the Zionist regime, and perpetuated by Western powers. We must utilise these historic developments as a catalyst for change.

And change we must – we have a duty to do everything we can to force the complete and permanent severance of ties between Britain and the Zionist settler-colonial entity. Palestinian suffering can and will only continue with the funding and support from countries like Britain. We must do everything in our power to ensure that Britain stops arming Israel.

We honour the martyrs of Palestine and all Palestinians who have directly suffered the brutal consequences of the Zionist assault on Gaza and occupation of historic Palestine.

Use your voice. Join us this Saturday 1st June, 12pm Piccadilly Gardens