Just this evening, dozens more Palestinians have been murdered in Rafah by the Zionist regime which has been bombarding them in the tents relentlessly with airstrike after airstrike. The numbers of martyrs are increasing each minute.

No one can unsee the latest scenes from Rafah. The beheaded babies, the burning bodies, the smoke coming out of crumbling tents, the screams of displaced people, are all scenes that will haunt the world forever. There are no limits to Zionist cruelty, massacring Palestinians in the place they falsely presented as a “safe zone”.

If it was not enough that Palestinians in Gaza are being starved, suffocated and slaughtered, that Palestinians are being detained, brutalised and tortured, that they have been subjected to ceaseless airstrikes for almost 8 months; the Zionist regime has made it clearer than ever that their sole and exclusive aim is to ethnically cleanse Palestinians and wipe them off the face of this Earth.

If there was ever a time for urgency, it is now. An emergency demonstration for Rafah will take place (Monday 27th May) starting at 5pm – Piccadilly Gardens.

We must not, cannot and will not rest until this brutality ends, until the Zionist regime is dismantled and Palestine is free. Join us tomorrow, Monday 27th May at 5pm, Piccadilly Gardens.