Stop Bombing Gaza – Ceasefire Now

No mobile phone reception, no internet, no way of knowing what is happening in Gaza. An attempt to hide the carpet bombing of a civilian population. 2.3 million Palestinians are without water, food, electricity, and medicine. 8,000 Palestinians murdered and our politicians have failed us.

Doctors have been told to evacuate hospitals, but the World Health Organisation have said this is impossible. Not only the hospital treating people with life changing injuries, but 14,000 Palestinians are sheltering inside the hospitals. Yet unelected Rishi Sunak and flip flop Keir Stamer are still telling us “Israel has a right to defend itself”, where is the humanity in them?

Local MP Debbie Abrahams of Oldham East and Saddleworth has signed Early Day Motion 1685, asking for an immediate de-escalation, including a ceasefire. To protect civilian life in Palestine and Israel. Local MP Jim McMahon on the other hand hasn’t signed Early Day Motion 1685, if you are one of his constituents do get in touch with him.

Our government has abstained in a vote in the United Nations General Assembly for a ceasefire, shame on Rishi Sunak, every Conservative Minister of Parliament and Local Councillors.
The United Nations General Assembly has spoken, an “immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce”. A General Assembly resolution is non-binding, even if most of the world wants a ceasefire.

What can we do locally?

Everyone out on Wednesday 5pm to 6pm, bring your flags. Meet at King Street roundabout.

Tell your family and friends

Please sign this if you are from Oldham West and Royton, tell MP Jim McMahon to sign EDM 1685