Stop bombing Rafah. Stop Arming Israel.

All out Saturday 11 May, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

After seven months of continued massacres the Zionist regime is still thirsty for more Palestinian blood and suffering. It will not stop until it achieves its main objective since the beginning: to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people.

Over a million Palestinians in Rafah are facing the imminent threat of yet another displacement and bloodshed as Israel bombs and plans for invasion. The Israeli military has also invaded the Rafah crossing and is preventing aid from entering, leaving people even more starved and with no means of survival.

We have to take more actions to ensure the end of the genocide and to break the cycle of complicity, where Britain and Western powers are fueling Israeli settler-colonialism with more weapons and support. We must cut the deadly chain stretching from this country to Palestine.

Britain’s over 100 years of complicity in Israel’s crimes must end now! So join us on Saturday, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens, and show your solidarity with Palestinians.