Stop Gaza genocide! Dismantle Israeli occupation!

All out in Manchester on Saturday 27th April, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens.

As Gaza still endures unimaginable forms of killing, destruction and torture with no end in site, Israel’s thirst for more Palestinian blood, lands and suffering is still unleashed on Palestinians in all of their whereabouts.

For the past couple of weeks, the West Bank has been going through daily settler and army violence. Nur Shams refugee camp was under an Israeli army raid for three whole days, in which they killed 14 Palestinians and caused massive amounts of destruction to entire areas and infrastructure.

Palestinians are also having to endure daily settler attacks on their bodies and properties. As they invade Palestinian towns and villages, settlers are setting fire to Palestinian belongings, stealing property, destroying water wells, blocking roads and attacking homes.

18 Palestinians were killed by settlers’ gunshots since October 07. From Al Mughayyer to Ramallah to Duma to Lebban to Qusra to Qaryot and across all of occupied Palestine, the rivers of bloodshed filling the shattered streets are only growing.

This has been the reality for Palestinians for over 75 years of ethnic cleansing. Through all of its arms, whether the army or the settlers, or the armed « civilian » groups formed to terrorise and attack Palestinians in 48 Palestine, or all of its institutions, the Zionist regime is doing what it does best, systematically attempting to crush Palestinian resistance and resilience, steal more lands and destroy more lives.

But here in Manchester, we will keep taking to the streets and taking action until all of Palestine is liberated and Palestinians are living in freedom and dignity. We will be as relentless as the occupation and we will fight all British complicity in Israeli crimes.

So join us on Saturday, 27th April, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens.!