Stop the Media Whitewash of Israel’s Genocide in Gaza!

Join our protest this Saturday 1pm at the BBC headquarters at Media City, Salford Quays

Stop the Media Whitewash of Israel’s Genocide in Gaza!
Led by a children’s march so bring your family!

Media racism shown to Palestinians has been more obscene than ever as the Israeli version of events took precedent no matter how despicable the claim. And so our newspapers and news networks have laid the ground for Israel’s ongoing ethnic-cleansing and genocide in Gaza.

From the preposterous 40 dead babies claim to rape claims and the Al-Ahli hospital bombing not coming from Israel, British media has been spreading Zionist propaganda to justify Israel’s endless list of war crimes.

Now, and after 21 weeks, the BBC has chosen this moment with a Panorama propaganda report to embolden Israel’s carnage even more.

So many more examples, without which Western apathy to these abominable five months of slaughter and inhumanity wouldn’t have been possible. Horror at Israel’s crimes would’ve been the only reaction to anyone told even half the truth.

BBC and all other institutions standing on Israel’s side are complicit in the murder of 28000 Palestinians, including 12000 children in Gaza so far.

The British Media had already hidden away Israel’s 75 years ethnic cleansing and occupation. After all that they still couldn’t find it within themselves to give the Palestinians a semblance of fair coverage over Israel’s genocide in Gaza that has taken place before the whole world’s eyes, beamed through the camera phones of loved ones searching for their families in the rubble

We will never forget and we will hold our Media to account – all out at the BBC HQ this Saturday 1pm

Dock House,
The Quays,
M50 2LH