All out in Manchester on Saturday, 13 July, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens on the anniversary of Israel’s 51 day massacre in Gaza in 2014.

All out in Manchester on Saturday, 13 July, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens on the anniversary of Israel’s 51 day massacre in Gaza in 2014. Stop Gaza genocide. More Israeli crimes, the same international silence!

The last few days have been described by people in Gaza as the worst yet. No one imagined that it could ever get any worse than what we have been witnessing for the last 9 months. From continued bombing to starvation to detention to displacement to torture, there isn’t anything that Israel has not inflicted on the Palestinians in Gaza, yet it can always get more and more vicious. From the smallest detail to the biggest, people’s lives have turned into one endless nightmare. What we take for granted from the comfort of our homes is a luxury for the people in Gaza.

A recent study in the esteemed Medical Journal the Lancet estimated that the amount of Gaza deaths attributable to Israel’s bombing could exceed 186,000. This is 8% of the total population! This is not a mere statistic, nor raw data, this is 8% of the life in Gaza shattered and destroyed. These are dreams and hopes, loved ones, friends and family members, students, all murdered by a relentless deadly entity built on ethnic cleansing.

This week, Palestinians commemorate the beginning of the 2014 onslaught in Gaza, while Gaza is yet again under attacks. It was the 2014 bombing when Israel mobilised all of its deadly doctrines to create as much damage and loss of life in Gaza as possible, attacking homes, hospitals, UN schools and everything in sight.

What we thought was the worst assault ever that took the lives of 2,200 people in 51 days, escalated into a genocide 10 years later. This happened because the Zionist entity’s inherent barbaric nature has no limits, and its violence can only escalate. This also happened because the world that stood still when the 2014 massacres happened, and during all of the massacres that preceded and followed, is yet again refusing to take a moral stance and cut the murder chain enabling the rivers of blood from drowning the streets of Palestine.

While entire establishments are still silent and complicit, the Palestinians’ lives are only getting worse under the settler-colonial machinery of death and destruction. This is why we have an even bigger duty to stand with Palestine, with its people and their resistance for justice, and their struggle to live in a free homeland, safe from the sounds of bombing and the grip of oppressors.

Join us on Saturday, 13 July, 12pm, Piccadilly Garden, to say that no more will Gaza be the stage of unleashed Zionist and global monstrosity, and to demand an end to the genocide and the freedom for Palestine.