Keep Rising Up for Palestine

All out in Manchester on Saturday 15 June, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens. Stop Gaza genocide. Free all Palestinian prisoners!

There are no limits to the ways in which the Zionist entity works to crush the Palestinians, both physically and mentally. Those who are not bombed are dragged into prisons and detention centres that have turned into actual slaughterhouses.

Bader was a beans vendor in Gaza who recounts how during his detention they hadn’t left one inch of his body unbruised, how they cut his fingers, beat his head with a metal stick and insulted him in every way possible. He couldn’t even get a safe release as they threw him and 23 others in Beit Lahia, where they had to walk for days looking for shelter until they reached the sea. 

Other detainees are reporting sexual abuse, being blindfolded and handcuffed for the entire time and having medical treatment done to them by unauthorised personnel, to name only a few of the atrocities.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested 5,000 Palestinians from Gaza since October 07.  46 of the detainees were tortured to death under Israeli detention in “Sde Teiman” concentration camp.

The endless testimonies coming out about the barbaric ways in which soldiers have been treating detainees are yet another manifestation of Zionist brutality that knows no limits.

In addition to the detainees from Gaza, Israeli forces have arrested over 8000 Palestinians from the West Bank since October 07, joining the 5000 Palestinian prisoners already incarcerated. Prisoners have described the last 8 months as the most difficult period in the history of the prisoners, as they face torture, starvation, humiliation and a ban on any contact with family and lawyers. 15 prisoners were martyred in prison during this time.

We rise up again to honour Palestinian prisoners, the compass of the struggle, and to demand their freedom and the end to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. We reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with the Palestinians as they fight for freedom and justice. So join us on Saturday, 15 June, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens.