Palestine, Militarism and The Race to War: An Election Special

Public meeting hosted by Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition, Greater Manchester and District CND,  Greater Manchester Friends of Palestine and Manchester Palestine Assembly.

With a general election just weeks away, the Palestine movement has already had a huge impact with many pro-Palestine independent candidates  standing. Instead of pledging the end of arms sales to Israel, both the Tories and Labour are pursuing a warmonger’s agenda, pledging billions more in ‘defence’ spending.

Join us to discuss the situation in Gaza, the impact of the general election, where the Palestine movement goes from here, and how solidarity with Gaza is key to defeating the militarism of the UK and US governments.


Shabbir Lakha  – Stop the War Coalition National Officer

Jenny Clegg –   CND International Advisory Group and National Council

Norma Turner –   Greater Manchester Friends of Palestine Chair

Samira Ali –   Student Activist

The tickets are free but if you can, please make a donation to help with the costs of the room hire etc.