Over 20,000 children murdered by Israel!

All out in Manchester Saturday 29th June, 12pm, Platt Fields park (next to costume museum) Rusholme, M14 5LL. Stop Gaza genocide. Over 20,000 children murdered by Israel!

Children welcome and activities brought by Creative Kindness. If you can help to prepare a child to speak, let us know.

This week we dedicate our weekly demonstration to the children of Gaza, those that are having to live under Israel’s relentless bombing, those that we have lost, those that are suffering to breath under the ruins, those that are detained, those that are maimed, and all those that are missing. We hear your screams, we ache with every tear and we will take our anger to the streets to say that Israel’s continued ethnic cleansing of and assault on the people of Palestine, its kids and youth and future, must end now!

In addition to the over 20,000 children murdered by the Israeli killing machine, Save the Children agency reported that up to 21,000 children are estimated to be missing in Gaza, with many trapped beneath rubble, detained, buried in unmarked graves, or lost from their families. Read this again and feel the mother’s loss, the brother’s trauma, the father’s cries, the friends’ weeping, and feel the Palestinians’ endless suffering under a genocidal settler-colonial regime.

Our government remains complicit to the bone in these crimes. With every weapon, jet and drone, and with every moral support Britain sends to the aid of the Zionist regime it is directly allowing for the further killing of Palestinian children.

We will not stand by while Israel continues to kill Palestinians and shatter any possibility of living with the blessing and material support of this establishment right here. We will not stop until we ensure the children of Palestine are not waking up on the sounds of bombs, but enjoying a dignified life on a free homeland amongst their communities and people.

So join us on Saturday 29th June in Platt Fields Park (next to costume museum) Rusholme, M14 5LL. This will be family friendly and there will be activities for children put on by Creative Kindness group and others.