Put people before profits!

Greater Manchester pension fund , controlled by Labour councillors, needs to divest now!

It invests nearly £2 Billion in fossil fuel companies and others that are making profits from the destruction of Gaza and our planet.

Its “top investments” list include BP, who recently won a contract for further oil exploration in Israel. Shell, who along with BP and other fuel companies are supplying oil to the Israeli military. These firms are also due to their reckless pursuit of profits causing catastrophic global warming. GMPF invest in companies identified by the UN as complicit in denying Palestinian human rights including 3 Israeli banks, alongside arms companies including BAE Systems which makes parts for the F35 bombers used in Gaza.

The list also includes Barclays who continue to fund fossil fuel companies and are being accused of bankrolling Israel’s genocidal assault on Palestinians through its financial ties with arms companies that sell weapons to Israel.

GMPF investments are made with money paid by Greater Manchester Council workers towards their pensions and money raised by all council tax payers across the area.

Our money should not be used in this way. The GMPF board needs to listen to its workers and the public and stop these investments immediately! Every politician including Mayors, Council Leaders, MPs and councillors need to take a clear stand to support divestment now. This is why we will be outside the election count.

We will not stop until they stop investing in firms complicit in Israel’s illegal settlements, the destruction of Gaza and causing global warming leading to a climate catastrophe!

For more information about GMPF go to https://gmfriendsofpalestine.org/gmpf-divest/

Next Organising meeting with Manchester Friends of Palestine, Manchester Palestine Assembly & GM Fossil Free will be at Cross St Chapel from 6.30pm – 8.30pm on Thursday 11th July. All Welcome