Stop Gaza genocide. End 100+ years of British complicity!

All out in Manchester on Saturday 6th July, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester City Centre, 12pm. Stop Gaza genocide. End 100+ years of British complicity!

This week marks the 40th consecutive week of the genocide in Gaza. The Zionist regime has slaughtered more than 40,000 Palestinians in the abhorrent expansion of its settler-colonial project. We are witnessing continuous scenes of once unimaginable horrors; bullets piercing the flesh of children, drones fitted with machine guns and missiles eradicating entire generations of Palestinians, bones barely concealed by the flesh of a starved population. We are watching Palestinians endure the unendurable.

On 6th July 1922, it was announced that the League of Nations would adopt a “British Mandate” for Palestine. This was a phrase merely used in attempt to mask Britain’s colonisation of Palestine in the aftermath of World War I.

The so-called “British Mandate” was formally adopted on 24th July 1922 and Britain’s colonial rule lasted from 1922 – 1947. During this time, Britain incorporated principles of the 1917 Balfour Declaration which promised Jewish people a land already inhabited and populated by the Palestinian natives. In other words, Britain colonised Palestine to pave the way for Zionist occupation.

Britain maintains its active role in aiding the Zionist entity remorselessly, be it through £500+ million in arms exports to Israel since 2008 or its recent intervention at the ICC which may delay the decision on issuing an arrest warrant against Benjamin Netanyahu. Simply put, Israel would not exist without Britain, and Britain profits exponentially from the existence of Israel.

Thus, we must do all we can to sever the ties between them. Here, in Britain, we have a duty to rip from the powers that be the financial tongues they use to call for Palestinian subjugation.

Join us on Saturday 6th July to denounce Britain’s decades-long complicity in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, to demand the dismantling of the Zionist regime, and to amplify the voices of Palestinians across the world in the pursuit of their liberation.